Creative Suite for Image Editing

Raster Image Editing

The Feature Rich Software : I think we should start off by ogling at the professional tools. The real heavy duty software that the true enthusiasts use while editing their photographs.

Adobe Photoshop Pro


Serif Affinity Photo and Photoplus X7

Corel Paintshop Pro


Open Source Software:





Best Feature Rich Software :

Adobe Photoshop CC

The selection may seem surprising, considering all the praise that i gave to all the other softwares out there, but wehn it boils down to it, Photoshop has several things working in its favour.

The most distinct feature with Photoshop is the Creative Cloud. The messy part about Creative Cloud is the fact that Photoshop went from a one-time payment software to a monthly subscription. So, if you want the latest version of anything from Adobe you will have to fork out the money monthly and download the software online(since the physical copy isn’t available.)

So taking all this into consideration the presence of the creative cloud makes adobe photoshop win.

About the Creative Cloud

CC gives you access to all your files from anywhere, and creates a secure backup of a your data on its server. The cloud is a plus point in the editing on the fly and extremely useful when it comes to keeping your work secure and can be called up whenever you need to, as long as you are connected to the internet.


Best open source software :


Although most people argue that GIMP doesn’t live with the mantle of being the best open source software out there for image editing. Well, tough luck. Based on the parameters of common sense and pure usability, GIMP takes the cake. It’s a cross platform open source software built on the visual framework of photoshop and is functional on the three main operating systems making the a perfect open source software.


Pros and Cons

There is a good reason why Adobe Photoshop is the leading graphic design program out there on the industry level. Herein lies the primary difference between GIMP and Photoshop – GIMP is great at both entry level and professional editing. Photoshop is a chore for people on the entry level on the game.

When it comes on the inbuilt features, both software can handle bitmap perfectly well, but Photoshop has the advantage of being able to deal with Vector as well as RAW files more effortlessly.

Adobe photoshop also has the advantage of the ability to use your system’s GPU for processing your files.

Brushes is another thing that takes photoshop to the lead. While GIMP has some features or a little support for the MyPaint Brushes, it’s still an experimental stage, while Photoshop’s brushes are a thing of legend.



Clearly, when it comes to raw features Photoshop takes the lead over GIMP. However considering the fact that GIMP is open source without the money and backing that Photoshop has from Adobe, It’s doing quite well.

GIMP has adapted most of Photoshop’s highlighted features with relative ease.

It’s true in such cases that the side with money wins. This is that kind of scenario and here Photoshop takes the lead.