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Sources101, Source Directory by Techonesia. The Purpose behind this website is to provide a single source for all the best resources available on the internet to do anything you want.

There are a number of resources on the internet that might be the exact one’s which you need but you are unknown to them. Don’t worry as this won’t happen any longer. Sources101 provides you with a directory of every possible useful tool or resource available on the internet for developers and marketers.

I’ve been scrapping and noting resources and tools for a very long time and this site is a result of the same. This work keeps on going and i keep on adding as many resources as possible on a daily basis.

I hope this site proves to be a valuable resource to you.

Thank You!

*Purpose of Web Directories

The major purpose of a web directory is to provide directory users with a categorized list of high quality websites from a chosen field or industry. With the advent of search engines as the preferred method for finding internet resources the importance of directories as information provider’s has diminished. But, as search engine technology and the field of search engine optimization have evolved, a new use for web directories has materialized.

*Directories and Link Popularity

Current search engine ranking algorithms place a huge importance on back links to a website as an indicator of it’s importance on the internet (known as link popularity). Search engine’s value links to websites from web directories because these directories have human editors. Having your website listed in a respected web directory is an indicator to the search engines that your website has met a certain standard for quality and is a site worth linking to.

Search engine’s also tend to serve up category pages from trusted web directories near the top of their search results so having your website listed in as many high quality web directories as you can should be part of any website marketing plan, especially when your website is new.

Getting your website listed in a web directory is also an excellent way to build high quality, search engine friendly back links to your website and gain targeted web traffic from both directory users and the boost to your search engine rankings from the increased link popularity of your website. To submit your website with us you can submit your link on our contact form here.